Forex Trading Bots

Introducing Intelligence Prime Capital AIA bots

I am NOT a qualified financial or investment adviser and NOTHING on this website should be construed as financial advice or an encouragement to invest money into any product or service. I am only sharing my experience with you for information purposes only.

My contact details are at the bottom of this page.

There are a few simple rules that I follow;

  1. Only invest money I can afford to lose
  2. I manage my risks very well, I take out my trading bot profits regularly.

Hi, Allison, here. Making my money work for me whilst I am asleep is something I have always aspired to achieve. This exactly what this Auto Trading Bot from Intelligent Prime Capital is doing for me.

Here are the results from my first day of trading


So setting up is really simple, The BOT takes 3 Forex trades Monday to Friday on your behalf, increases your account balance, then on Saturday transfers your profit to your USDT wallet

Get started in a few simple steps.

  1. You register here .
  2. IMPORTANT : Ensure to use my link. ENSURE the first field in the form has my IB ID IB277196 . Intelligent Prime Capital uses an affiliate business model. Using my link ensures that I am able to support you as your sponsor. So might be a good idea to clear your browser of cookies before registering with my link. I will not be able to assist you if you are not on my team.
  3. Check your emails for welcome info. You will receive quite a few emails.
  4. FUND YOUR ACCOUNT with TRON USDT. (if you are completely new to Crypto and wallets etc) I have a video here to explain the whole process. TOP TIP : Take a pen and paper make some notes, follow step by step.
  5. IMPORTANT : Please be extra careful when transferring money from your exchange wallet into your USDT Wallet in IP capital. If you send money to a wrong or mistyped address, your funds will be lost for ever. PRO TIPS: double check receiving address: send a small amount first.
  6. Once you confirm funds are in your USDT Wallet in your IP capital back office. BUY A BOT SUBSCRIPTION
  7. Then carry out an internal transfer from your USDT wallet to your MT4 Trading account.
  8. SET UP MT4 app on Mobile phone using log in details and Master Password (These details are sent to the email address you used for registration – I use the MT4 app to monitor trades and my account balance on the go.
  9. Sit back and watch the trades and profits come inMonday To Friday
  10. Every SATURDAY, your trading profits for the week gets transferred to your USDT Wallet (less 20% deducted by IP capital).



Is intelligent prime Capital a scam? I don’t think so

Got any questions? You can send me a DM on Telegram . Want to keep up to date with my progress then join my main telegram channel