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STRIKE/UDST +300% profit as at 15 April 2021

Example; $1000 invested = $2000 profit !

DOS/UDST +198% profit as at 7 April 2021

Example; $1000 invested = $980 profit !

March/April 2021

DIA/UDST +230% profits!

Example; $1000 invested = $1300 profit !

Feb/March 2021

ANKR/USDT +80% profits in 5 days – march 2021

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TRON/USDT – Posted on 18/03/2012
TRON/USDT 30% profit after 2 days

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The crypto market is a highly speculative, extremely risky market although we regularly see high profits. You must understand that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. This presentation should not be taken as a solicitation to invest but simply for informational purposes only.