Safe & secure storage of your Bitcoins

The core concepts of cryptocurrencies include decentralisation; so basically, there is no central authority that holds your coins.

This makes you 100% responsible to the safe keeping and security of your coins.

The most secure option that I recommend is to use a hardware wallet such as Ledger

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Ledger Live Coinify

Other options available include different kinds of online and off line wallets with varying levels of security features.

There have been several instances of hacks resulting in theft of millions of dollars worth of Cryptocurrencies. .

“not your keys, not your coins”

is a popular saying in the crypto space

So ideally, you should be in control of your private keys that you use to sign off transactions from your wallets.

I cover all these in detail in my LearnCrypto course

You will learn about the different kinds of wallets and how to store your coins securely.

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